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Newsflash! Assault at broad daylight!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:57 pm
by Aery

And now we're switching back to small local news.

That the fel iron followers are getting more and more bold was proven today in the following incident. Today, as the evening was falling, an innocent Pandaren was happily strolling about the newly discovered Hellfire Citadel grounds when he was brutally assaulted by Siegemaster Mar'tak. Supposedly she was heard yelling "Comin' in HOT!" when she laid her hands on him. Luckily for said Pandaren, his friends were in the vincinity and together they made quick work of Mar'tak and her followers, who were also promised a piece of 'that fine Pandaren body'. Between the chaos that was left behind, some items of worth were said to be found, but as officials entered the grounds to investigate, there was no trace of them anymore. We're now switching live to the Cidadel grounds for an on-site report!

Reporter: "Sanfeng, is it? Isn't it a bit dangerous to take a walk in a place like .. *looks around* .. this?"

Sanfeng: "What are you talking about? Nothing's dangerous for the likes of me!"

Reporter: "But if your friends weren't near, it might have turned out differently.."

Sanfeng: "Friends? Groupies, you mean! EVERYONE wants a piece of this splendid furry body. They're ALWAYS following me around. Just LOOK at me!"

Reporter: "We heard rumours that Hellfire storages were plundered after the offender and her lackies were chased off. What do you have to say about that?"

Sanfeng: "Pff. Finders keepers."