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CD Experiments with psychedelic drugs

PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:09 pm
by Aery

After getting totally high from a quick Iron Reaver kill, our CD members decided to stay on that high and maybe add some drugs to the mixture. Word-of-mouth has it that Kormrok, a dealer in Hellfire Citadel, is working with hallucinating goo, and of course CD wanted in on that!

While on site, Kromork turned out to be not all too happy to part with his goo, and a fight ensued in which both Komorrk and CD inhaled major amounts of said substance. Kromokr jumped from pool to pool, while the tanks tried to pull him from one end to another. As a result large amounts of goo were flying through the air until all members were giggling, talking incoherently, voluntarily running into explosive runes and claiming to see rainbow coloured blobs appear from out of nowhere. Of course we're not CDNN if we didn't ask the members about this new experience after the brawl.

Shemei: It was weird, there were like invisible hands dragging me along into more goo! Hahaha! Hands!
Darkalia: Look at all the colours! Don't you just want to touch.. that one! .. and that one!
Tunus: I'm not with those guys. They just dragged me along. I'm not giving in to drugs, so I avoided all of it!

Krormrork down, 3/13, that's one wing cleared for CD!