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Continental Drift + Exodus = ...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:11 pm
by Aery

Ever since the steady decline of WoW subscriptions and the slow loss of interest from raiders, we've been looking for a way to keep our guild alive. With not much to do ingame aside from levelling alts, some repetitive content and solo garrison'ing, Raiding seems to be one of the few things that keeps people logging on and active. To keep our focus on endgame (mythic) raiding and a healthy playerbase for the summer and future, we've started a Raid Collaboration with The Exodus a few months ago. After some months of successful Mythic raiding, we're ready to take the next step before summer hits, and that is a full-fledged merge of the two guilds.

The new guild, Acheron, named for the bit of shared history we have on Draenor, is set up to welcome any and all members from both guilds that choose to come along with the raiders. We'll be moving to a new, shared, website: where of course, everyone is welcome to make an account as well. The more, the merrier.

Last night all raiders were informed about the change, and after the raid everyone that chose to do so was welcome to leave their old guild and join the new one. This may have come as a rather sudden change to guildies, specially the ones not raiding, seeing people disappear without a warning, and we would like to apologize for that.

We also offered the chance to have any question members might have answered. The following things were discussed:

Who's in the new officer team?
Madmike will lead the new guild. The officers will be Aery, Azires, Dakloh, Fizzybomb and Urzug.

Is the decision for the new guildname final?
Yes, it is. A new website url has already been requested.

How will loot be distributed?
The lootcouncil will continue working as it is now, with both members and officers in the council. We always try to put some extra attention into very popular gear, to make sure it goes to the right people. However we're all still human, so incidentally you may not get the item you want right away. Please remember that "There is always more loot"(tm).

What will happen to recruitment?
We will have a cooldown period as well, so the members can get used to eachother. After the cooldown we will inventarize what classes we need and recruitment will start again. In that time the new guild can also create some 'appeal' for potential recruits, with good progress logging and an active website.

What about the old guilds and websites?
Both Continental Drift and The Exodus guilds will be kept alive ingame for anyone who wants to stay there. The websites will stay in the air as well for any members, ex-members, socials to stay in contact. Of course everyone's welcome in the new guild and on the new site as well. Just get in contact with one of the officers.

Can we have a female tauren on the new front page?
Of course. We can't give any guarentees about the size of it though.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of the officers.